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Demolition MosmanMost people have noticed Demolition Mona vale around construction sites and at community events like craft fairs. What some do not realize is that individuals, as well as businesses, can rent these temporary fences. Here are some tips on how to make use of a Demolition Mona vale for an upcoming yard sale.
Creating an Enclosed Space
One of the issues with having a Demolition Mona vale is there is no way to ensure that people have to pass by the person conducting the sale before leaving the site. When there are a lot of people meandering around the tables laden with goodies, there is no way to know if someone pockets an item and slips away. By choosing to erect a Demolition Mona vale around the area set aside for the sale, it will be much easier to monitor the traffic and prevent any light fingered activity.

RFE are fully qualified and specialise in demolition of houses and buildings fewer than 15m in height.

Our team are highly skilled and complete work to the highest safety standard. RFE has developed a custom Waste Management Plan which focuses on the recycling of materials and working towards sustainability. RFE also complete land clearing .With a Fleet over 20 Machines we can suite all your Excavation & Demolition needs from 1ton through to 13ton. RFE Earthmoving Pty Ltd prides itself on providing its customers with expert advice and great service. We have been working in the industry for more than 30 years. “Just right for a tight site.” Call us at 0414 413 877 for more Demolition Mona vale.